Emuspeed Type: Electric/Ground No. The Hasty Pokemon Stage: basic Evolves from: none Evolves into: Velostrich at level 31 Height: 4'09 Weight: 50.2 Ability: Run Away Dex entry: It dashes blindly everywhere, not caring if it bowls Pokemon or Trainers over.


Learned moves

- mud-slap

- sand-attack

5 thundershock

10 rage

14 agility

19 quick attack

23 mud shot

28 thunder wave

32 jump kick

37 spark

41 psych up

46 extremespeed

TMs/HMs toxic hidden power protect frustration thunderbolt thunder earthquake return double team reflect shock wave sandstorm aerial ace facade secret power rest attract thief steel wing false swipe charge beam endure flash thunder wave captivate sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

cut strength rock smash

Egg moves

endeavour supersonic mud-slap screech charge

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