Emigramp Type: Electric/flying No. The Flash Tail Pokemon Stage: 1 Evolves from: Lamsoar at level 29 Evolves into: none Height: 03'11 Weight: 61.07 Ability: Volt Absorb/Illuminate Dex entry: It spends much of its life soaring around the world, flashing its glowing tail.


Learned Moves

- peck

- flash

- supersonic

- thundershock

6 supersonic

11 thundershock

16 quick attack

19 featherdance

24 pursuit

29 discharge

34 roost

37 take down

46 confuse ray

52 signal beam


toxic hidden power hyper beam light screen protect rain dance safeguard frustration iron tail thuncerbolt thunder return double team reflect shock wave aerial ace facade secret power rest attract thief steel wing roost fling charge beam endure recycle giga impact flash thunder wave captivate sleep talk natural gift swagger pluck u-turn substitute

fly defog

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