??? – Electrodo (#???)???
??? – Electrodo (#???)???

Japanese NameN/A
Evolves fromNone
Evolves toPlusle/Minun
Weight2 oz

Electrodo is the baby form of a Plusle or Minun. They are common in the region of Fightor.


Electrodo appear to be a Plusle or Minun's head, sans the body and limbs, with Purple replacing most Blue/Red areas on a Plusle or Minun's head. The cheeks of it are the only non-symmetrical part of it, a red Plus-sign on the left side, a blue Minus-sign on the right.


Grassy medows where various Pokemon or People frequent. They can also be seen with their sibling, another Electrodo.


They are very playful. They often can be seen racing others around medows, exploring their wide range of electrical powers. When they build any trusting friendship with a being, they enjoy to orbit it like Electrons orbit the Nucleus of an Atom. This makes them feal safe, and they can use their orbiting to temporarily gift the being small electric powers.


They can evolve through the Plus Stone, and the Minus Stone. If their Sp. Attack fit the requirements, they can be given the Plus Stone to become a Plusle. If the Sp. Defense fits the requirements of a Minus Stone, they will be a Minun. In the Wild, when it and its sibling are experienced enough, they will magnetically attract the stone that their stats match, no matter what, one sibling will be a Plusle, and the other will be a Minun.


When a Female Plusle breeds with a Male Minun, or Vice Versa, while holding a Charge Incense, it will result in two eggs, each containing a Electrodo Sibling. Note:It ONLY works with a PLUSLE/MINUN group, a Plusle/Plusle, Minun/Minun, or a Plusle-or-Minun/Species-in-EggGroup will NOT work! Pokemon researchers are still trying to find the cause of such a strange case of Breeding.