Ebony is one of the main characters in Morpher01's fanfiction, Shadows of Fear: Journey with a Brain. She is a female, ten-year-old Sneasel first encountered in chapter four.

Ebony's name refers to a Sneasel's black coloring.

First time meeting

Ebony--along with her father, Umbro the Weavile--was first seen in chapter 4, in which she and her father disrupt a Pokemon Contest held in Sinnoh. Umbro wanted revenge on the humans, though Ebony was seemingly just along for the ride.

After her father dueled Skull, Ebony fought against Cubon the Half-Shadow Cubone. Although Ebony had a strong advantage against him, Cubon won using his Shadow moves. As agreed to the terms of the battle, Umbro and Ebony left, but not before Ebony said "we might meet again".

Ebony's return

Ebony returned a chapter later, stating that her father had been re-captured by the human who had supposedly abandoned him. Umbro apparantley entrusted protection of Ebony to Skull, and has since followed the Shadow Marowak on his journey with Anabel.

Hidden feelings?

It was hinted in chapter nine--after the appearance of a Snorunt named Icette--that Ebony has a possible crush on Cubon. Whether or not this is confirmed is unknown.

It was shown, however, that Ebony disliked the idea of Icette having a crush on Cubon, hinting possible jealousy.


Ebony, contrary to the average ten-year-old human, is an apparant tomboy; she is tough, strong-willed, and tempermental. According to Skull, this is slight contrast to the common personality seen among Ice-types, as they are often calm and collected.


Ebony's moveset consists of Ice Beam, Metal Claw, Ice Shard and Shadow Ball. Only Ice Beam and Metal Claw, however, have been recently used in battle. Ebony is also quite agile, though not invulnerable to freezing attacks (as seen in chapter six, when Crasher Wake's Walrein froze her and Cubon solid in the same attack).

Like her father, Ebony is highly vulnerable to Shadow, Fighting, Fire, Bug, and Steel-type attacks. Another weakness may be that her quickness to anger may leave her blind to other situations.

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