ETV FANON SEREIS is a fanon sereis on Elisabeth Ross's ETV. Her Brother User:Jonn1234 was able to put in a Fanon pokemon sereies in the ficinol sereis. They are based on Pokemon video game: Blue-Green


The Sereis stars Kyle Katchem (cousin of Ash) and Jonn. It also has Misty (cousin of Misty) in the sereis.


Team Rocket's Jono and Mayo. ZROCKET's robot ZROCKET.


1 Pickachu

2 Pichu

3 Raichu

4 Huttamon

5 squrtile


7 Mew

8 Mewtwo

9 MewGlitch

10 Bealeaf

11 C Major

12 DR.DR.

13 Chimchar

14 Turtwig

15 Piplup

L.16 ???

L.17 ! ! MEWGLITCH !!!!!!

18 Mystero Man

19 Mime Jr

20 Mr.Mime


22 BB

L.23 ?

24 Magcian (black)

25 Magcain (red)

26 Tokape

27 Scream!

L.28 maercS ??


30 Mon

L.31 !!!??!!

32 Mewfib=

33 (nameless)

34 Jongomon

35 Begino

36 East

37End master/ West

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