Derak Kadir is the ten-year-old protagonist of Morpher01's original trainer fiction Proving Grounds: Kanto.

How it begins

Recieving a Pokemon

Having studied material he cares nothing for since age five, Derak leaves his hometown of Phenac City upon his tenth birthday. His father was not particularly pleased, and hired a bounty hunter named the Tracker to return him.

Upon reaching the Pokemon Lab, Derak was confronted with a group of men called the Retrievers. A Pokeball burst, revealing a Chimchar, which Derak used to fend off the lead Retriever's Elekid. Taking the Chimchar as his starter, Derak named it Wildfire and set off for Kanto.


Derak is quite cynical for a boy his age, as pointed out by Professor Krane. He seems to care nothing for his father, only caring for his Pokemon. Having been apparantley yelled at for all his life, he seems immune to the outbursts of his rival, Melissa Arare, standing calmly as she yells in his face during chapter 2. He also seems to dislike behavior he qualifies as "corny".


Derak's Pokemon include:

-Chimchar (Wildfire)

-Machop (Brute, newly captured)


  • Derak's prototype name was Rehprom Enoho, an obvious reverse of Morpher01. The name of "Derak Kadir" apparantley came from the air.

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