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Corporal Tin
Corporal Tin

Aereonn Elite Enforcer Unit
Name Corporal Tin
Species Magnemite
Type(s) Electric/Steel
Height 1'04"
Weight 26.1 lbs.
Abilities Magnet Pull, Static, Sturdy, Levitate
Signature Moves
Color Category Metallic Grey
Special Abilities
  • resistance to Fighting-type attacks
  • Fire-type damage is 2/3 instead of super-effective, and recoil damage will result if hit
  • Aereonn Elite Enforcer Unit
  • West Aereonn Security Police (Conspiracies Abound)

"After this, I'd like to get some R&R."|Corporal Tin

Tin is an officer that serves in the AEEU at the rank of Corporal. He ranks Copper, his partner and best friend; and is subordinate to Bright, his superior officer.

Personality and traits

Tin has a tin colour to him, as his name implies. He is also made of the element of the same name.

He speaks with an American accent.

Talents and abilities

Although Tin is almost twice as heavy as an average Magnemite, he is very resistant to Fighting-type attacks. He also has some resistance to Fire-type attacks, and in fact because of his element's heat-reflective nature, can cause recoil damage to his attackers should they use any Fire-type attacks against him.

In the storyline

Deputy Tin has made frequent appearances in the storyline, being a recurring character, along with Sergeant Iron, Staff Corporal Bright, and Corporal Copper.

In Conspiracies Abound

Sergeant Major Tin

Tin as a Sergeant Major.

Tin appears in Part 6 onwards in Conspiracies Abound, which takes place some time in the future of the storyline. Here, he is a military officer with the rank of Sergeant Major, and a member of the West Aereonn Security Police. In addition, he more frequently can be seen wearing his M1 helmet.

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