Dementra is a character in Morpher01's fanfiction Shadows of Fear: Journey with a Brain. Although not a main character, she provides what may be interpreted as "extra comic relief".

Her name is derived from "demented", a term for insanity.

First encounter

During a minor stay in Floraroma Town, Skull, Cubon and Anabel encounter Dementra hiding in a sweet honey tree. After she reveals that she had stolen the young of Rattatas and Bunearies (due to the fact that she believed they were planning world conquest, or otherwise to bring harm to herself), Skull attacks her in a fit of rage. He only scores two hits on Dementra, however, before she escapes, vowing to return.

Three chapters later

In chapter 6, Dementra is encountered again while she is terrorizing Hearthrome City. Apparantley, Dementra supposedly enjoys eating human underpants, and once attempted to yank the underwear off two humans at once by giving them wedgies. Deciding that they cannont risk her escaping again, Anabel—with assistance from Fantina, the leader of Hearthrome's Gym—manages to capture Dementra.

Her first battle on Anabel's side is also seen in chapter 6. It is revealed that she knows Shadow Ball, in addition to the Swift she used in chapter 3. Her most random quote yet was stated during this battle, claiming that Fantina's Ghost-type Pokémon must "endure the wrath of the Spearow feet in the ball of black-y-ness" to obtain pie. Evidently, the Pokéball had not repressed Dementra's insanity one bit, as proven by her screaming about tacos at the end of chapter 6.


Dementra's actual personaliy, if she even has one, is unclear. It is usually overshadowed by her insanity, and completely random speech. This, however, seems to be tolerated by the rest of the group, though for how long seems uncertain.

Dementra is able to use the moves Shadow Ball, Double Hit, and Swift, though it is unclear what her last attack is. Her main weaknesses are Fighting-type and Skull's Shadow attacks, as they do plenty of damage to her. Another weakness could be that her insanity prevents her from obtaining a true grasp of a situation, leaving her somewhat in the dark about certain things.