Dalto is a region south of Johto. It appears in Pokemon Garnet and Peridot Versions 3D. The region is involved with the legend of the formation of mountains and forests, and the region is a pair of islands. One island is covered with a lush green forest, while the other has a large mountain known as Mt. Mineral. Most trainers start their journies in Pinewood Town, home to the region's Professor, Professor Shrub. In his lab, he can give out starters known as Dinoleaf, a Grass Type, Chardog, a Fire Type, and Riboat, a Water Type.

Cities and towns are:

Pinewood Town

Oaktree Town

Barkwood City

Petunia City

Knightford Town

Villadale Town

Ironside Town

Penninsula City

Bronzelife City

Jasper Town

Burgundy Town

Parkerville Town

Windport City

Shoredock City

Lakewood Town

Seaview City

Magma Town

Pokemon League

Portalife City

Sycaruma Town

Funurlia Town

Turqoise Town

There are 8 Gyms.

Nermal: Barkwood City Gym: Type: Normal: Badge: Diploma Badge

Flora: Petunia City Gym: Type: Grass: Badge: Garden Badge

Ghoulin: Knightford Town Gym: Type: Ghost: Badge: Spooky Badge

Fernando: Villadale Town Gym: Type: Fire: Badge: Pepper Badge

Landon: Bronzelife City Gym: Type: Ground: Badge: Dozer Badge

Darby: Parkerville Town Gym: Type: Dark: Badge: Shadow Badge

Sparleen: Windport City Gym: Type: Fighting: Badge: Sparring Badge

Welkner: Seaview City Gym: Type: Water: Badge: Sailor Badge

The Pokemon League is on an island far off the coast of Dalto. It's a long road from Seaview City. Trainers will stop at Magma Town to rest, and Victory Road is inside a volcano. Then, after they exit, they cross an iron bridge to the Pokemon League, which is on a separated island.

Elite 4:

Preston: Steel

Megan: Rock

Dairrel: Flying

Magenta: Psychic

Champion: Flynn: Fire

Villains: Team Electron. Their goal is to capture Mountraga and Forestika, to create thier own land and enslave the world. They use various gadgets and vehicles.