The Daisan Region is a land west of Johto and east of Hoenn. The concept was originally based off of the Tohoku region, which would make it south of Sinnoh and north of Kanto, but as it has been found that the fan-fictional Ainu region is also based off of the Tohoku region, the original concept will be scrapped and the Daisan Region will be re-created, based off of both the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, so as to avoid possible conflicts.

Notes: This concept is still in the development process

Confirmed species unique to Daisan

Planary - A small bird Pokemon that uses photosynthesis. The Daisan Grass-type starter.

Photolcon - The evolved form of Planary

Chloreagle - The normal evolved form of Photolcon

Dendreron - A very rare super-powerful evolution of Photolcon

Kitember - A small fire cat Pokemon with metal fur. The Daisan Fire-type starter.

Magcatma - The evolved form of Kitember

Metaguar - A large jaguar-like Pokemon, the normal evolved form of Magcatma. It has such control over the great amounts of temperature it generates that it can form a mirage to confuse its enemies

Solguar - A very rare super-powerful evolution of Magcatma

Sterian - A large lobster-like Pokemon. The Daisan Water-type starter.

Lobtytos - The evolved form of Sterian

Hydrothian - The normal evolved form of Lobtytos, resembling a lobster with a flattish body and a blade on the end of its tail. This Pokemon hunts large Pokemon and has occasionally been known to sink ships due to mistaking them for food

Leviatron - A very rare super-powerful evolution of Lobtytos

Tnag - A tiny Bug Pokemon that is harmless on its own but potentially dangerous in large swarms

Megatnag - The evolved form of Tnag

Ultratnag - The evolved form of Megatnag

Caterva - A small caterpillar-like Bug Pokemon

Cellkoon - A cocoon-like Bug/Steel-type Pokemon, the evolved form of Caterva

Graphile - A colonial wasp Pokemon that can evolve from Cellkoon

Graphdrone - A colonial wasp Pokemon that can evolve from Cellkoon

Graphqueen - A colonial wasp Pokemon that can evolve from Cellkoon

Cardinay - A small red bird Pokemon

Cardicon - The evolved form of Cardinay

Cardihawk - A humanoid Flying/Fighting-type bird Pokemon, the evolved form of Cardicon

Plataix - A small duck-like Pokemon

Aixyrhynox - A humanoid Pokemon that evolves from Plataix

Pineedl - A miniature tree-like Pokemon

Sequoiant - An enormous tree-like Grass/Steel-type Pokemon that evolves from Pineedl

Amphiattan - A salamander-like Water/Electric-type Pokemon

Raimander - A humanoid salamander-like Pokemon that evolves from Amphiattan

Neonine - The female form of a species known as the Neo- species. Closely related to Eevee and a very rare species

Valianine - An evolution of Neonine that resembles a humanoid fox/cat hybrid. It is very compassionate and travels around, helping other Pokemon in need

Bentanine - An evolution of Neonine that resembles a humanoid fox/cat hybrid. It is extremely egocentric

Neonitor - The male form of a species known as the Neo- species. Closely related to Eevee and a very rare species

Valiator - An evolution of Neonitor that resembles a humanoid fox/cat hybrid. It is very compassionate and travels around, helping other Pokemon in need

Bentor - An evolution of Neonine that resembles a humanoid fox/cat hybrid. It is extremely egocentric

Alkan - A tiger cub-like Steel/Poison-type Pokemon

Ammtora - The evolved form of Alkan

Lytiger - The evolved form of Ammtora

Natyke - A small humanoid Grass/Ground Pokemon

Terraphyl - The evolved form of Natyke.

Voltovox - A spherical Grass/Electric-type Pokemon that floats in the air using magnetic levitation

Voltometex - A rare humanoid Grass/Electric-type Pokemon related to Voltovox. It supports the shape of its body with powerful magnetic fields. If deprived of electricity, Voltometex's body will collapse

Titaneon - A Steel-type evolution of Eevee. It is unusual in that it can evolve again

Mercureon - The evolved form of Titaneon. It is a Steel/Poison-type that has a liquid metal body and can shapeshift at will. As a defensive measure, it can reorganize its skin into blades, spikes, and whatever else that offers considerable protection

Spectreon - A Ghost-type evolution of Eevee. It can spontaneously warp to places miles away

Athleon - A Fighting-type evolution of Eevee. It stands upright on two legs and is excellent in hand-to-hand combat

Petreon - A Rock-type evolution of Eevee. Its body is covered in rocky armor and spikes

Venomeon - A Poison-type evolution of Eevee. Its fur sticks out straight like needles and contains poison

Normeon - A Normal-type evolution of Eevee. It is not particularly strong but has evolutions of its own

Arcteon - A Ghost/Ice-type evolution of Normeon. It resembles a cloud and its true form is not certain. It can surround its foes and freeze them solid

Tesleon - An Electric/Steel-type evolution of Normeon. It has an electroreceptive sense and can sense objects without using its eyes

Maraeon - A Fire/Dark-type evolution of Normeon

Chloreon - A Grass/Psychic-type evolution of Normeon

Acereon - A Water/Poison-type evolution of Normeon

Litheon - A Rock/Fighting-type evolution of Normeon

SEA-G - An extremely advanced artificially-created Pokemon that is not technically Virtual but instead uses super-advanced technology originally invented by the Dygammeta race of Pokemon to warp dimensions and become a physical object. It even has a full set of emotions. SEA-G stands for Simulation with Emotional Ambiance type G and it was created by a criminal mastermind as a prototype for later, more powerful SEA Pokemon

SEA-H - The successor to SEA-G

SEA-I - The successor to SEA-H

SEA-J - The successor to SEA-I, originally used as a weapon by a criminal mastermind. This unique Pokemon can sense the emotional part of the Aura (a.k.a. Ambiance) generated by other Pokemon. While this ability was programmed so it could detect its targets more easily, it backfired because CJ became able to comprehend the emotions it was detecting and this caused SEA-J's to develop an unstable emotional state. SEA-J was rescued by a benevolent scientist named David Northman

SED - The successor to SEA-J. Stands for Simulation with Emotional Deficiency

Viroae - An advanced form of 'malware Pokemon'

Annilor - A malware Pokemon similar to Viroae, but does not replicate itself

Trojeng - A malware Pokemon that is more suited for battle than computer hacking

Letaptelec - A land-limpet Pokemon with heavy defense but relatively little mobility

Dewtrap - A carnivorous plant Pokemon that can hardly move

Chlorotelec - A double-Pokemon formed when a Dewtrap anchors itself to the shell of a Letaptelec

Velaisaylis - An airborne Pokemon that resembles a jellyfish

Staraster - A related species to Staryu

Starthae - A Steel/Water-type Pokemon that resembles Starmie with three layers

Chlorrest - A kelp-like Water/Grass-type that can reach 60 feet in length

Sundel - A dolphin-like Water/Psychic-type

Lutraqua - A related species to Floatzel

Neytrake - A sea-urchin like Pokemon

Slatrite - The evolved form of Neytrake

Graptetra - A conical Water/Steel-type Pokemon

Straitrowt - A fishlike Pokemon that looks very plain

Moltren - A sea-serpent-like Water/Fire-type that evolves from Straitrowt

Condracoil - A massive 40-foot long Water/Poison snake

Leotite - A small lion cub-like Pokemon that can sense the emotions of others to some degree.

Sekhion - A humanoid lion-like Pokemon, the evolved form of Leotite

Raelios - A humanoid hawk-like Pokemon that can perceive Aura to a massive extent

Vertilash - A Dark/Grouind-type Pokemon, the evolved form of Marowak. It carries around a whip of bone that it uses to lash its enemies. Its bones are stronger than steel and it can bite through solid rock

Reptoid - An insect Dragon that stands on two legs and has four arms. Two have claws and two have blades. Although it is clearly very strong, it is much more powerful that it appears to be and has the strength to stop a freight train

Hydrathere - An enigmatic Fire/Dragon Pokemon that seems to be made of gas and is normally invisible

Oxyvern - An enigmatic Ghost/Dragon Pokemon that is similar to Hydrathere

Dracian - An enigmatic Water/Dragon Pokemon that is formed when Hydrathere and Oxyvern fuse together

Allesplice - A powerful and dangerous Psychic/Dark-type Pokemon that contains millions of microorganisms which it can use to manipulate and splice the genetic code of other Pokemon. It is normally used for genetic research purposes but is highly formidable in battle as well

Magnetroid - A Pokemon that can evolve from Magneton. It consists of seven Magnemite arranged in a humanoid structure. It can brainwash other Steel-type Pokemon and magnetically control them to form armor around itself

Amprobe - A Pokemon that evolves from Electrode. It resembles a sphere with two smaller spheres that it controls with electromagetic fields. These smaller sphere are used as 'boxing gloves'

Weberaco - A small Electric/Dragon-type Pokemon that is believed to have come from another planet

Ryunre - The evolved form of Weberaco

Heliorai - The female evolution of Ryunre. It can absorb solar radiation and survive in outer space

Royvean - The male evolution of Ryune. It can control sunspot patterns and trigger off massive solar storms

Gamalobo - A star-like Pokemon in the shape of a wolf. It can unleash massive shockwaves of searing-hot plasma

Quantress - A bizarre Steel/Ghost-type that can use quantum physics to achieve nearly anything. It is surrounded by plates of neutrons that are virtually indestructible. Quantress itself shines with an intensely bright light that makes it impossible to tell what the Pokemon truly looks like

Dygammeta - A sentient and highly intelligent humanoid Psychic-type Pokemon that is possibly related to Unown. It inhabited a universe that came prior to ours and found technological means to manipulate Aura and use it to create artificial Pokemon that are more powerful than any we can imagine. As this universe was destroyed by the Pokemon Rageddon, Dygammeta is presumed extinct.

Shadowrai - An evil Pokemon that can fill the hearts of other Pokemon with fear and dread. Its true form is unknown but it usually takes the form of black fog that fills the air. Shadorai helped Rageddon destroy a previous universe and was sealed away in a void by Arceus for its misdeeds during a cataclysmic battle

Vouress - An evil Pokemon that can drain away the life of other Pokemon to make itself stronger. Its true form is unknown but it usually takes the form of a pitch-black cloud in the form of a wolf. Shadorai helped Rageddon destroy a previous universe and was sealed away in a void by Arceus for its misdeeds during a cataclysmic battle

Rageddon - An evil Pokemon that travels through the void between universes to wreak havoc and eventually destroy the universes entirely. In a universe that later linked to ours, Rageddon convinced Shadowrai and Vouress to join forces with it. The three of them fought Arceus in a cataclysmic battle. While they succeeded in destroying the universe and everything in it, Arceus managed to seal them away in the void for their misdeeds and created a new universe out of the ashes of the old one. This second universe happens to be the one we live in

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