Cuboxic Type: Poison

                              The Drip Pokémon
                              Stage: basic
                              Evolves from: none
                              Evolves into: Leonoxus at level 21
                              Height: 1'03   Weight: 39.4
                              Ability: Limber/Intimidate
                              Dex entry: They totter over the plains, dripping slime from their tails.


Learned moves

- smog

- growl

6 bite

12 haze

18 sludge

24 slash

30 roar

36 crunch

42 poison tail

48 night slash


roar toxic hidden power protect frustration iron tail thunderbolt thunder return shadow ball double team flamethrower sludge bomb fire blast facade secret power rest attract thief endure captivate sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

strength rock smash

Egg moves

leer skull bash thunder fang faint attack spite curse