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Stabsunteroffizier Bright
Stabsunteroffizier Bright

Aereonn Elite Enforcer Unit
Name Stabsunteroffizier Brihlzend "Bright"
Species Magnemite
Type(s) Electric/Steel
Height 1'03"
Weight 9.4 lbs.
Abilities Magnet Pull, Static, Sturdy, Levitate,
Signature Moves
Color Category Anti-flash White
Special Abilities
  • Highly resistant to heat, intense light, and radiation
  • Able to detect nearby high frequency radiation
  • Aereonn Elite Enforcer Unit
  • West Aereonn Security Police (Conspiracies Abound)

"Sorry, but I don't take too kindly to unruly of now, you are under arrest."|Stabsunteroffizier Bright

Stabsunteroffizier Brihlzend "Bright" is an officer in the Aereonn Elite Enforcer Unit, and Sergeant Iron's subordinate. He ranks above both Corporal Copper and Corporal Tin.

Personality and traits

As his name indirectly implies, he is a Magnemite with an anti-flash white colour to him. He is also lighter than an average Magnemite, but his structure is actually denser.

He is always prepared for a fight, though during such Bright has a tendency to be mildly arrogant. Despite this, he is extremely competent and follows the orders of his superiors when the orders are given.

Bright speaks with a German accent.

Talents and abilities

Bright is highly resistant to heat, light that would otherwise blind him, and radiation. This is in part due to his resistant metallic structure. He is also a living radiation detector, as he can detect radiation much like a Geiger counter.

In the Storyline

Stabsunteroffizier Bright makes frequent appearances in the storyline, as a recurring character, and superior officer to Corporal Copper and Corporal Tin, while subordinate to Sergeant Iron (who is himself subordinate to Lieutenant Magneton).

In Conspiracies Abound

Oberleutnant Bright

Bright as an Oberleutnant.

Bright appears in Part 6 onwards in Conspiracies Abound, which takes place at a time in the future of the storyline. He makes his entrance in the story as the pilot of a CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter. At this time, Bright is a military officer with the rank of Oberleutnant, and a member of the West Aereonn Security Police. For the first time, he can be seen wearing his Stahlhelm (as his subordinates would sometimes wear their helmets before the events in Conspiracies Abound).

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