Connor O'Brien is a character in Arcanine Royale's fanfiction, Now and Forever. He also appears in the sequel-of-sorts to Now and Forever, No Place to Hide.

In Now and Forever

In 2014, Connor O'Brien is a fourteen year old son of Kyle O'Brien and Cindy Staten O'Brien living in Rio Grande,Hakkou. However, he is adopted, and does not yet know of his true father or mother. In the first chapters of Arcanine Royale's Now and Forever, we learn that Connor is a recent graduate from Rio Grande Valley Academy and has passed Hakkou's Academic Standards for Journeying Allowance, or ASJA's. However, when the O'Brien family reunion comes, Connor must stay at home until Monday. He meets Arthur Brinks, Betty Red, and many other cousins, aunts, uncles, and other relatives.

However, Arthur Brinks is tasked with giving Connor his first pokemon, a Charolt. Connor has a hate of fire type due to being mutilated by a Charizard when atving in Redwood Forest after Year 6. Connor thusly is grounded from journeying and escapes O'Brien Manor to visit his best friend Kody Silvin to discuss a plan of escape. He returns to O'Brien Manor and apologizes to Arthur Brinks and then his father.

That night, Kody and Connor play their favorite game, Halo 4 on X-box 900. They also chat on Hakkou Online Instant Messaging or HOIM. Through this discussion, we learn that Kody and Connor are also friends with David Williams and a girl named Heather Gordon.

In No Place to Hide

In 2059, Connor O'Brien is a member of the worldwide Team Angel and is part of the special Psychic Bereau of Espianoge in the Arrow Squadrons. He leads Red Arrow and has two apprentices - Derek and Jessica. At this point, Connor is a powerful psychic capable of telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathic conversation, as well as elemental powers that come with being psychic. He along with many others including Ash Ketchum, Kody Silvin, and David Williams as well as their children and grandchildren. In chapter one, it is suggested that Connnor is married to Heather Gordon.

It is unknown when Connor's psychic powers develop or when he marries Heather.