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Carter Grayson
ヨシオ Yoshio
Carter Grayson
Age 12
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Hometown Nuvema Town
Region Unova
Relatives Richard Grayson (Father)
Carolina Grayson (Mother)
Henry Grayson (Younger twin brother)
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Carter Grayson is one of the main characters in Unova Heroes along with Ash Ketchum, Iris, Cilan, Matt, Jane, Dana, and Henry Grayson.

It was reveal that Carter is a Prince of the Kalos sea.


Unova Heroes: Black & White


Unova Heroes: Black2 & White2


Unova Heroes: XY


Unova Heroes: XYZ



He is calm and sometimes act cool. Whenever he battle a wild Pokémon, he use a strategy to capture the Pokémon.

When he is battling a Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion, he always have a strategy against weakness of the type that his Pokémon has.


On Hand

Pokémon Information
Kenny Floatzel
Buizel → Floatzel