Type: Grass No.495 The Highplant Pokemon Stage: Stage 1 Evolves from: Minicac at level 16 Evolves into: Cactower at level 41 Height: 4'04 Weight:81.07 Ability: Overgrow Dex entry: Proud of its height, Cactall laughs at smaller Pokemon.


Learned Moves

- tackle

- leer

- pin missile

- absorb

6 pin missile

11 absorb

16 fury swipes

17 grasswhistle

26 headbutt

35 spikes

44 assurance

53 energy ball

62 toxic spikes

71 ingrain

80 zen headbutt


toxic bullet seed hidden power sunny day light screen protect giga drain safeguard frustration solarbeam return double team reflect sludge bomb sandstorm facade secret power rest attract thief energy ball fling endure flash captivate sleep talk natural gift poison jab grass knot swagger substitute

cut strength rock smash