Pokémon Sun & Moon Versions
None – Bushyl (#001)Pangoleaf (#002)
National Dex

Japanese NameUnknown
Evolves fromNone
Evolves toPangoleaf Lv.17
SpeciesLeaf Squirrel

Bushyl (Japanese: ???) is a Grass Pokémon. Along with Hinobi and Ichty, it is one of three starter Pokémon the player can choose to start with at the beginning of Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions. It is the Grass starter for the Surto region.

Bushyl is the most defensive of the three starters in Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions. Its trait, Overgrow, raises its offensive Grass-type power by 50% when its HP falls below 1/4. Bushyl comes equipped with the moves Scratch and Growl, but quickly learns moves such as Bite and Razor Leaf. It evolves into Pangoleaf at level 17, but by remaining at its base stage it can continue to learn the powerful attacks Solarbeam and Hyper Fang.

Its signature attacks, which it keeps throughout all three of its forms, are Fruit Snack (a recovery technique) and Leaf Veil (a move that raises the teams Evasion).

Biological Characteristics

Bushyl is designed after a common gray squirrel. The tail bears the appearance of a berry-producing shrub.

Although it is completely animal, Bushyl's tail is brushed against young shrubs to collect Berries in the bushy fur. As the seeds within begin to develop and sprout, they are trimmed by the Bushyl's teeth as it preens. In essence, the tail is a real-world bonsai art piece the Bushyl maintains throughout its entire lifetime, growing right from the "fertile soil" of its tail.


Bushyl is a starter Pokemon received by beginning trainers from Professor Alder in the Surto Region. Naturally they are not find on the island region but have populated the nearby continent quite prolifically. Due to their nature as "common pests" in those areas, however, they are only considered a specialty in Surto where they are given treatment as an exotic species.


SUN: Common in forests, it likes to gather Berries in its nest for the winter season. Its bushy tail is the perfect camouflage when hopping along the forest canopy.

MOON: Berries get caught on its tail foliage, giving it a surprising snack when it can no longer find food elsewhere. Often the Berries are lost to the forest floor, spreading new seeds along the way.

In the video games

No official games as of yet. This is a fanon Pokemon.


Bushyl is one of the first mammalian Grass starters in the Pokemon games.

The name is a combination of the words "bush" and a corruption of "squirrel." It also sounds like the English word "bushel," a nominative term for a particular measure of grain or fruit.

Bushyl are similar to Shuckle in that by using the move Fruit Snack in-field while a Berry is equipped they will "transform" the Berry into a more effective item that will heal greater HP. This is the same for any Pokemon capable of learning Fruit Snack, however.


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