Type: Fire No. Explosive Pokemon Stage: 2 Evolves from: Boomoid at level 40 Evolves into: none Height: 5'10 Weight: 200.12 Ability: Soundproof/Flame Body Dex Entry: It can be easily frustrated. When this happens, it unleashes massive, deafening eruptions which devastate the surrounding countryside.


- ice punch

- fire punch

- thunderpunch

- leer

- ember

- sonicboom

- smog

5 ember

11 sonicboom

15 smog

20 mach punch

23 selfdestruct

29 flame wheel

37 roar

40 crunch

45 rest

55 explosion

55 submission

63 lava plume

71 eruption


focus punch toxic hidden power sunny day taunt hyper beam protect frustration solarbeam thunderbolt earthquake return psychic brick break double team flamethrower fire blast rock tomb torment facade secret power rest attract thief overheat focus blast fling endure will-o-wisp giga impact captivate rock slide sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

strength rock smash rock climb