Bullplasm Type Ghost/Dark No. The Rampage Pokemon Stage: 1 Evolves from: Impalf at level 25 Evolves into: none Height: 4'07 Weight: 190.03 Ability: Pressure Dex entry: It bursts into a house, bellowing madly whilst trashing the place.


basic megahorn

basic lick

5 sing

8 psywave

13 stomp

16 heal bell

20 shadow sneak

25 outrage

30 faint attack

35 taunt

40 nightmare

45 dark pulse

50 hyper voice


calm mind roar toxic hidden power sunny day taunt ice beam blizzard hyper beam light screen protect rain dance safeguard frustration solarbeam thunderbolt thunder earthquake return psychic shadow ball double team reflect shock wave flamethrower fire blast torment facade secret power rest snatch overheat focus blast energy ball charge beam endure will-o-wisp embargo payback giga impact flash thunder wave captivate dark pulse rock slide sleep talk natural gift dream eater swagger substitute trick room

surf strength defog rock climb