This is where the brotherhood take you after you win your matches at pyrite colosseum.However the brotherhood member[who is actually female] Realizes your the sworn enemy #1.The other brotherhood member attacks you

Brotherhood Member Maddox

L22 Spinarak

L22 Yanma

L23 Remoraid

L24 Seviper

After you defeat him he will cry[Senor Wimp >_>] and run away go up and to the left to fight another trainer

Brotherhood Member Gunther

L21 Corphish

L22 Horsea

Now go straight ahead to be attacked by another Brotherhood of dissent member

Brotherhood Member Julianna

L23 Numel

L23 Goldeen

L22 Murkrow

Lol these guyhs never learn anyway go to your left through the door and you will be attacked by two Brotherhood Grunts

Brotherhood Members Lee And Arthur

L24 Cacnea[Lee's]

L25 Xatu[Arthur's]

Now go ahead and you will be on the rooftop a bortherhood member guards the door to the admin

Brotherhood Grunt Paul

L26 Sealeo

L26 Loudred

L28 Wigglytuff

L27 Rhyhorn

Now that you defeated him go through.The admin here has taken Megg and her older brother hostage[This game i created takes place 1 month after Pokemon XD]The admin then turns around and proceeds to talk smack to you now will you let her get away with that?No didn't think so

Brotherhood Admin Kelia

L27 Gyarados

L26 Sealeo

L28 Pelipper

L29 Mr.Mime

This will be pretty hard unless you know your type advantages use Electric types on Sealeo Pelipper and Gyarados and use dark types on Mr.Mime.After defeating her she will go on about how your a NooB[She actually says that] methinks she spends too much time on the internet]She then walks away huffing indignantly.Megg and her older brother Nett thank you and says Kelia barged in because they had a gem which could summon Celebi.

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