Brandon is the president of an unknown pokemon coporation, and an optional battle for those seeking to take on the Elite Four.

Age 24
First PokemonRalts
Interests/Hobbies Walking, experimenting, sleeping
Clothes Gray-black buiseness suit.
Battle Record vs. Trainers 5 known battles, 1 loss
Title Optional Gym Leader/president of unknown research company.


It is not known how he obtained the title, or even if it is official or not, but Brandon is known as an optional gym leader. This means that one does not have to fight him to take on the pokemon league, but defeating him in battle earns the victor a firm place as an elite. He resides in Arctus Valley, in a building near a waterfall. He is one of three "optional Gym leaders".


The only Pokemon Brandon uses in battle is a single Ralts. This is not to be taken lightly, however, as it is extremely powerfull, able to beat most trainers easily.


  • Psychic
  • Charm
  • Hypnosis
  • Dream eater


Brandon is a rather calm man. He appreciates anyone brave enough to challange him. Brandon values all life, and grows extremely worried when Ralts is injured greatly. He also has a small bit of pride. When talking, Brandon used to use elaborate words, he has stopped this.


  • Despite only using Ralts in battle, Brandon is shown to own at least 30 pokemon.
  • He wears nothing over his buisness coat.
  • He dislikes the color gray.
  • Brandon is the only main character to have encountered the Nightmare Pokemon withought Elie nearby.

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