Type: Grass/Fighting No. Learning Pokemon Stage: 1

Evolves from: Studeweed at lvl 28 Evolves into: Folianger any level (link trade)

Height: 4'07 Weight: 35.2 Ability:Guts/Chlorophyll

Dex entry: It stays perfectly still and waits for

something to approach, so it can practice using vine whip on it.


- vine whip

- focus energy

7 mach punch

10 ingrain

13 energy ball

19 seismic toss

22 smellingsalt

25 worry seed

31 force palm

34 seed bomb

37 block

40 superpower

43 leaf storm


focus punch toxic bulk up bullet seed hidden power sunny day protect rain dance

giga drain safeguard frustration solarbeam earthquake return dig brick break double team

sludge bomb sandstorm rock tomb aerial ace facade secret power rest attract thief

focus blast energy ball false swipe fling endure drain punch flash stone edge

captivate rock slide sleep talk natural gift poison jab grass knot swagger substitute

cut strength rock smash