Beedril UD

Member of
Team D-Struct
Shiftry and Magnezone
Swarm, Poison Point, and Hyper Cutter
Poison Sting, Flight, Call for Help, Sting Ray, and Sting Harpoon

Beedrill is a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon and a member of Team D-Struct in Pokémon: Universal Defender.


Beedrill lived in the wild. He had no memory of his parents, and he lived off the land. When the war started, his forest was besieged by Lord Giratina's army. He then met Magnezone and Shiftry. He joined Team D-Struct in order to regain control of his forest. Even after their mission to defeat the army stationed in Beedrill's forest, Beedrill decided to become a permanent member of the team.


Beedrill is very wild. His manners are not perfect, and he is not used to eating anything besides freshly picked berries, so meat that Magnezone and Shiftry were keeping is a new food for him. He also prefers to fly at all times, so he does not typically walk alongside his teammates. Despite his lack of manners or civility, he is a valuable addition to his team.

Skills and Powers

Beedrill is capable of advanced flight. He can give a painful sting to enemies, and his Poison Point ability often poisons foes on contact. His Swarm ability increases the power of his Bug-attacks when he is weak, and his Attack cannot be lowered thanks to his Hyper Cutter ability. He can fire a beam of stinging, poisonous energy, and he can emit a sound that calls his allies to him to help him. He can use Bug-attacks and Poison-attacks, and his very skilled at using a Sting Harpoon weapon.