Type: Fire No. Noise Pokemon Stage: Basic Evolves from: none Evolves into: Boomoid at level 20 Height: 2'00 Weight 27.04 Ability: Soundproof/Flame Body Dex Entry: Sends out little explosions to show when it is upset


- leer

5 ember

11 sonicboom

15 smog

21 selfdestruct

25 flame wheel

31 roar

35 rest

41 explosion

41 submission

45 lava plume


focus punch toxic hidden power sunny day protect frustration return psychic brick break double team flamethrower fire blast facade secret power rest attract thief overheat fling endure will-o-wisp captivate sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

rock smash

Egg Moves mega punch screech flare blitz thunderpunch mach punch dynamicpunch barrier cross chop karate chop

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