Ash's Pikachu was the first Pokemon Ash Red Ketchum had and overall one of his most powerful Pokemon. Ash and Pikachu have extremely strong bonds of friendship that are undaunted by time and place.

Ash has always taken Pikachu and only Pikachu to any new region that he travels to, making Pikachu Ash's permanent travelling Pokemon companion, with the exception of a few times Ash has taken some other Pokemon to other regions.

Pikachu has a very cheerful, outgoing and optimistic personality much like his Trainer, and like his Trainer, Pikachu has also adopted a great love and care for humans and Pokemon alike as well as a true resilient never-say-die attitude. Pikachu has also proven to be an incredibly powerful and tenacious battler, having speed, power and endurance that far far surpasses other members of its species. It has won many of Ash's toughest battles and even defeated Legendary Pokemon, such as Tobias's Latios and a wild Entei.

Its moves include Extreme Speed and Agility which it uses to quickly and efficiently close the distance to its opponents. Iron Tail, Brick Break and Knock Off are its signature close combat moves, while its signature ranged Electric moves include Thunderbolt, Discharge, Electro Ball, Thunder and Zap Cannon. Volt Tackle is its most powerful physical finisher.


+ Extreme Speed

+ Agility

+ Heal Pulse

+ Iron Tail

+ Brick Break

+ Focus Punch

+ Knock Off

+ Electro Ball

+ Thunderbolt

+ Magnet Rise

+ Thunder

+ Zap Cannon

+ Discharge

+ Volt Tackle