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Ash's Charizard
サトシのリザードン Satoshi's Lizardon
Bag Quick Ball Sprite
Ash's Charizard
Ash's Charizard
Trevor Mega Charizard Y
As Mega Charizard Y
Debuts in Three For Three
Caught at Kanto Route 24
Evolves in TBA
Gender Male
Ability Blaze*
Current location With Ash
004MS 005MS 006MS
This Pokémon spent ?? episodes as Charmander and ?? episodes as Charmeleon.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Charmander Shin'ichirō Miki Tom Wayland
As Charmeleon Shin'ichirō Miki Tom Wayland
As Charizard Shin'ichirō Miki

Ash's Charizard (Japanese: サトシのリザードン, Satoshi's Lizardon) is the fourth Pokémon Ash captured and his fifth overall. He's among Ash's strongest Pokémon.


To Melt Fire

First debuting in Three For Three as an abandoned Charmander . . .

In Through and Threw, Charmander has his first, official battle against a Krabby. Though he had a hard time at first, once he learned Flame Burst, he had the battle won.

In the following episode, Ash used Charmander in his battle against Lt. Surge's Jolteon, believing he could get the advantage since he thought Surge would use his Magneton. Though Charmander got off a couple good hits on the Jolteon, the Electric-type overpower him with Thunder Missile.

In Onto The S.S. Anne, Charmander fought against Gary's Spearow. Envious of the Tiny Bird Pokémon's status as a Flying-type, Charmander brought all he could to the table, managing to learn a couple new moves out of anger. Spearow evolved during the battle, but unused to its new found speed, crash hard into Charmander, resulting in a tie.

Johto Chronicles

Advanced Generation

Diamond & Pearl

Best Wishes


Sun & Moon

Personality and characteristics

He is hot-headed and hates being told what to do. When Ash first attempted to capture him, he refused to stay in the Poké Ball and attacked Ash and Brock when they brought him to the Pokémon Center since he was still loyal to Damian at the time.

Even after Ash captured him, Charmander acted disobedient, only showing respect for Spitfire, since Spitfire took up for him when Damian called Charmander pathetic. Charmander refused to get in his Poké Ball and when Gabby showed Charmander that Spitfire went in his Poké Ball as well, Charmander began crying and trying to get his friend out. Once Ash allowed Charmander to walk beside Spitfire, Charmander was happy and even obeyed Ash in a battle with a Krabby.

As a Charmander, he was envious when battling Gary's Spearow due to his lack of the Flying-type the Tiny Bird Pokémon had. Despite the jealousy, he fought twice as hard, to prove his worth.

Moves used

Ash Charmander Skull Bash
Using Skull Bash as Charmander
Ash Charizard Flamethrower
Using Flamethrower
Move First Used In
Growl Three For Three
Scratch Three For Three
Ember Three For Three
Flame Burst Through and Threw
Slash Onto the S.S. Anne
Smokescreen Onto the S.S. Anne
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Move variants

Name Description Image
Charizard, as a Charmander, could use two variants of Ember:

The traditional method of spitting a small plume of flames; and one he used the flames on his tail.
Trevor Charmander Fire Fang
Version One
Red Charmander Ember PO
Version Two
He has many variants of Flamethrower. When he first began using the move, he’d release a widespread stream of flames that wasn’t easily controlled.

As he matured, he learned a far more precise version that started thin and powerful but ended up having a wide field of destruction.

When he evolved into Charmeleon, he gained a new variant that gave his flames an almost waterfall-style volley that allowed him to drown opponents in a stream of flames.

His fourth and final Flamethrower style is that of which Lance taught him. Through condensing and aiming precisely, Charizard will release a single beam of fire capable of burning through nigh anything, however, the charge and precision is its downfall. Charizard cannot redirected (though Lance’s Charizard can, due to years of practice) and slow coming due to the sheer power gathering, however, the moment it’s released, it moves at the speed of light, leaving little time for opponents to dodge once they figure out what’s going on. It’s comparable to Hyper Blast, a combination of Blast Burn and Hyper Beam — two moves Charizard proved to be incapable of learning — using the sheer power of Hyper Beam and the burning capabilities of Blast Burn.
Ash Charmander Flamethrower
Version One
Ash Charmander M20 Flamethrower
Version Two
Red's Charmeleon Flamethrower PO
Version Three
04 gundam00 ep5p
Version Four
Fire Spin
Finally, he has multiple ways of using Fire Spin. As a Charmander, when he was getting into using such shapeable moves, he worked more so on the spin of the flame than the actual trapping the move’s supposed to do.

This changed when he evolved into Charmeleon and he gained the ability to form flames on the ground and manipulate them. He would create a jet stream of flames and send them flying at his opponent at near blinding speed (it could become blinding if the flames were high and heated enough). Using his newfound ability to manipulate fire outside of spitting them out or his tail, he’d trap his opponents by forming a high ring around them then attack freely, while his opponent tries to find a way out.

The addition of the Flying-type made Charizard’s use of Fire Spin only matchable by others of his kind as he learned the true advantages of flight. When battling other Flying-types, he will expand the flame on his tail and spiral it around, leaving a spiral of flames in his wake that other speedy Pokemon might not be able to stop or dodge before hitting.

He can also fly above grounded Pokemon and spit a ring of fire around them.
Ash Charmander Fire Spin
Version One
Trevor Charmeleon Fire Spin Trevor Charizard Fire Spin
Version Two
Jane Charizard Fire Spin
Version Three
Red Charizard Fire Spin PO
Version Four

Moves improvised

  • Aerial Submission — Charizard flies into the sky with an opponent hanging onto him, spinning in the air to damage his foe. (TBA)
  • Flaming Seismic Toss — A combination of Charizard's Seismic Toss and Fire Spin along with Clair's Dragonair's Dragon Rage. (TBA)






  • Charizard as Charmander is Ash's first Fire-type starter abandoned by its original trainer.
  • Charizard is the first of Ash's Fire-type starters, and the first starter to evolve.
  • Originally, Ash's Charizard was only average in his species' height (5'7"). Since training at the Characific Valley, he grew much taller as, upon arriving, he was half the size of Charla but later grew slightly taller than her. Given he stood equal to Iris' Dragonite, Charizard's current height is around 7'3".
    • Upon Mega Evolving, Charizard reaches nearly eight feet.
  • Charizard knows the most moves out of all of Ash's Pokémon.
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