Aravea is the continent that you, the trainer, explore in Pokemon Genesis. It is home to 886 species of Pokémon and, several more waiting to be discovered!! It has several different environments. The areas you can explore in Aravea are listed below (excluding cities and routes).

Abandoned Skyscraper

This large building was destroyed during the wars 30 years earlier. It is now home to many different types of Pokémon, such as Drowzee, Hypno, Rattata, Raticate, etc. Team Enigma makes an appearance here. Legendary: Deoxys

Abyss Levels

Far below Deep City, the Abyss Levels were once a holding tank for ancient and rare Pokémon. By exploring this area, you can find the ancient Pokémon you need to complete your Pokédex. Examples are: Cranidos, Lileep, Armaldo, and other fossils.

Almighty Shrine

This ancient temple is sealed by doors that can be unlocked with various keys found all around Aravea. You can find mighty Pokémon like Nidoqueen and Nidoking in this area. Legendary: Regigigas


Antarctia is no fun to navigate. You'll be blasted with icy winds and snow and attacked by vicious Ice Pokémon like Glalie and Sealeo. Rumor has it that Team Enigma has built a massive underground base in this icy wasteland.

Aqueous Bog

Just like Antarctia, the Bog is not fun to navigate. Croagunk, Masquerain, and Drapion rule the Bog, attacking whenever possible. Within this murky bog is the soggy Flooded Mansion.

Baby Island

An island covered with Baby Pokémon like Chingling and Pichu. Die-hard trainers come here to collect its rare items.

Basalt Cave

This now-inactive volcano is where the master trainer Verdea awaits trainers. It is inhabited by bats and other strange creatures.

Battle Park

See Battle Park.

Cavernous Sanctum

This church was destroyed in a great explosion many years ago. Now the ghosts of those who died in the explosion roam its halls. Beware, as they will attack you relentlessly.Legendary: Giratina

Char Island

A horribly humid island in the middle of the sea. It is home to only two species of Pokémon, Ponyta and Rapidash. You can only stay on the island for 2 minutes because of the heat.

Chlorine Plant

Similar to Char Island, the Chlorine Plant is so noxious that one can only stay in it for 2 minutes. It is also only home to two species, Grimer and Muk.

Cloud Tops

See Cloud Tops

Cocoon Alley

In the west part of the massive Tranqualm Forest lises this mysterious tunnel. The statue in the middle can be used to generate Metapod or Kakuna.

Cycling Highway

Similar to the cycling areas of past Pokémon games, Cycling Highway is only open to those on bikes. Bikers rule this road and Pokémon can be found in the bushes around it.

Depth Tower

Water halfway fills this tower. Lugians (the followers of the "deity" Lugia) plan to make a pilgrimage to this place at least once in their lives. Lugia resides at the very top. Legendary: Lugia

Earth Chasms

This underground tunnel connects Aravea, Citaradk Isle, and Orre. It is filled with superheated Pokémon of the Fire, Rock, Earth, and Dark types. Team Enigma escapes from their underground base to Citadark Isle here. Legendary: Heatran

Earthen Temple

Worshippers of Groudon come here to offer tribute to their king. It is believed that the Groudon species originated here and spread out. One of the rare creatures still remains. Legendary: Groudon

Explosion Cave

One of the most mysterious landmarks in Aravea. Researchers flock here to study the odd behavioral patterns of the Pokémon that make their homes in its depths. Scientists have reached the conclusion that Pokémon that know the move "Explode" migrate to Explosion Cave during the winter to test their skills against similar Pokémon.

Flare Tower

People of the Ho-Oen faith try to make a pilgrimage to this tower once in their life. They all worship the Pokémon Ho-Oh. This tower is filled with Fire Type Pokémon. Legendary: Ho-Oh

Frazer Fields

Old farmer Jet Frazer owns this land. By paying him a small amount, you can hunt for Pokémon on his lands. Miltank and other farm-style Pokémon reside here.

Flooded Mansion

Deep within Aqueous Bog lies the Flooded Mansion. This mansion was once home to a famous trainer, but it was filled with water in a flood. Swim through with a Pokémon that knows "Surf" and "Dive" to find amazing Water Pokémon. Legendary: Kyogre

Ghoul Forest

Mysterious paranormal forces pervade this strangely dark forest, creating a sense of chaos and sheer evil. The trainer Mort trains here, bonding with Ghost Types. There are no legendaries within the forest, but there are hundreds of Ghosts and Bugs.

Great Caverns

Three caves lie on various islands in the North Sea. Each one holds its own mysteries.

Frost Grotto

Cold and damp, Frost Grotto is home to the chilliest of Pokémon. Venture in here for more than five minutes and your Pokémon will be afflicted with the Freeze Condition. Legendary: Regice

Mineral Cave

This cavern is home to many Steel Types and minerals. Mine here for Metal Coats, which will evolve certain Pokémon. Legendary: Registeel

Quartz Cavern

A rocky and hard-to-navigate cavern. Its walls are lined with rocks from different areas around the world, just like the legendary Pokémon within it. Legendary: Regirock


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