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Anguilla electra
Anguilla Electra example
Species Eelektross (Anguilla Electra)
Planet Acqua Electra
Alternate Form None Known
Region Unova
Power Electrokinesis

Eelektross is a Anguilla Electra from the Planet whose name is derived from "Aqua" And the corruption of Electric, Electra.


Young Anguilla Electra are called Tynamo and Eelektrik, Which goes on a Metamorphosis while exposed to a Central of Electric Radiation, called Thunderstone.

Size Head to Tail

Anguilla electra adults measure 2.1 Meters from Head to Tail, they also use their Slim skin and flippers to Swim on their Planet, They rarely go on land.


Some Eelektross are born with the ability to Levitate, The species seen with this ability rarely go on water, It is unknown if all Anguilla Electras are born with that ability.

Life Cicle

  1. Eelektrosses breed Asexsually, meaning that they don't need to have a pair to do eggs.
  2. Tynamos go to Planet Earth to find a Stable Magnetic Field, The most common location is Chargestone Cave, Located in the Unova Region.
  3. After 5 Months on Growing Stage, Tynamo developes Flippers that acts like Feet, and a Slimy Blue skin, and a Terrific Lamprey mouth to catch Prey, this is called Elektrik Stage.
  4. After being exposed to Large Electrical Radiation fields or a Stone common in the Planet Acqua Electra, They become Elektross Adults.


  • Luna Electra is Acqua Electra's Moon, They are inhabited by Leo Voltras.