Anakin the Cubone

Anakin the Cubone

Full Name
Anakin the Cubone
Species and Species Category
Cubone, the Lonely Pokémon (Cubone form); Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon (unmasked)
8/10 in Pokémon years; 8 in human years
Team Shadow
MewtwoLucario (real-world)
Voice(s) Just Like
Chip (Sonic Unleashed)
Pokémon: The Adventures of Team Shadow (first appearance; upcoming); Pokémon: The Adventures of Team Shadow 2: Rise of the Psychic Squad (upcoming); Pokémon: The Adventures of Team Shadow 3: Race for the Prison Bottle (upcoming)
Theme Song
Battle! Giratina (Pokémon Platnium)

Anakin the Cubone is a character in the upcoming Pokémon: The Adventures of Team Shadow series by MewtwoLucario. He is a Cubone, the adopted son of Chrome the Kangaskhan, and, despite his small size, the strongest member of Team Shadow.


Anakin Unmasked

Anakin without his mask

Anakin is a red Cubone with a gold belly, black claws, and sky blue eyes. Like other Cubone, Anakin wears a skull mask over his head, except he has dyed his mask black. His head is shaped similar to a cross between a Charmeleon's and a baby Kangaskhan's, and fits perfectly inside of his mask.


Since he's a Cubone, Anakin knows how to use Bone Club and Bonemerang. His other moves are:

  • Bone Rush
  • Double-Edge
  • Leer
  • Tail Whip


Early Life

When Anakin hatched from his egg, he found himself alone. Surrounding him were many large, white, dry objects. Somehow, Anakin knew they were called "skeletons", and that he was a "Charmander". However, for some reason, the flame at the end of his tail wasn't lit. After a few days, Anakin got used to his life in what he called "Bone Valley". His food was the berries that grew around the valley, and his water supply was from a nearby river. Several years later, Anakin had an urge to explore the wild world beyond the valley walls. He knew it was dangerous out there, so he took a Charizard skull to use as a mask and a Venusaur bone to use as a club. It was then that he realized his destiny: to be a Cubone. With one last look over the only home he ever knew, Anakin trekked off.

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Alternate Forms

Mega Anakin

Using the Cubonenite, Anakin will evolve into a Mega Cubone. In this form, he will grow larger and gain bone armor over his body. His bone club will also become larger; half of it will become grey, and the other half will become dark red.

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Theme Song

Battle! Giratina - Pokémon Platinum Music Extended

Battle! Giratina - Pokémon Platinum Music Extended

Anakin's Theme Song


  • Anakin is named after Anakin Skywalker, the father of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. Additionally, his black skull mask is based off of Darth Vader's helmet.
    • Mega Anakin's grey and dark red bone club is based off of Darth Vader's light saber.
  • Anakin's favorite food is Oran Berries, which make him hyperactive.