Alex Ruther is the main Protagnist in the fanfiction Pokemon Silver Adventure created by Ashman66. Alex Ruther is a young boy who lives in New Bark Town with his mother and he lives with the Pokemon he has Captured also. He has many different itmes since he works for Prof.Elm's Son.

He is now on a journey through Johto looking for different Pokemon and battling Gym Kadears he is also rivals with a girl named Laura who is the daughter of one of the Neo Rocket Generals.

The Pokemon he has right now are:

Cyndaquil-Lv.13 Tackle Flame Wheel Ember Smokescreen

Aipom-Lv.23 Focus Punch Swift Tackle Secret Power

Chinchou-Lv.12 Spark Leer

Geodude-Lv.17 Rock Throw Mach Punch Semicic Toss Bide

Tailow-Lv.14 Aerial Ace Wing Attack Peck

He has these Pokemon in his Box: Onix*2 Hoothoot*3 Ledyba Totadile Togepi Jigglypuff*4 Mr.Mime*4 Aerodactayl*2

He has one out of 8 Badges

Violet City- Aero-Defeated got Zepher Badge

Azalea Town-

Goldenrod City- Gordon

Ectractauk City-

Cinawood City- Victor

Olvine City-

Mahoghany Town-

Blackdrenon City- Draco

He is now in Slowpoke Cove fighting against Neo Rocket grunts with Laura.

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