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Gender: male
Hometown: Jamisen City
Region: Alternate Universe
Family: Unknown so far
Friends: Sam (best friend)

Akuro Yuri Professor Maple Professor Willow Lex


Class: Trainer
First Appearance: Welcome to Jamisen School
Voice actor: Alex Miter


Alex dosent remember his childhood, he started school in Jasmine City Without parents and then meet Sam and Akuro who became theyre friends.


he got his first pokemon along with sam and akuro and did a double battle with sam on his team after that alex has always caught his pokemon on screen.

In rotation:

Rowlet → Dartrix → Decidueye
as a rowlet it decided to join alex and they became buddies from that day on
Debut Welcome to Jamisen School
Rockruff → Lycanroc
it was getting attacked by a group of hoodlums but after being saved by alex it decided to join him
Debut Greedings Rockruff My Second Pokemon
as a child alex owned a cyndaquil but it was stolen from him 10 years later they reunite and it joins alex
Debut Cyndi Childhood Flashback
Oshawott → Dewott → Samurott
it was bullied by kids and after alex defending it it joined him
Debut Oshawott for the safe
Noibat → Noivern
the 2 bullies who stole Alex`s Cyndaquil was attacking this poor noibat, alex saved it and took it home to heal it after that it joined alex on his roster
Debut Screech into Battle
Shinx → Luxio → Luxray
shinx stole alex`s Flyium Z and then shocked alex starting a flashback which makes alex mad and asks shinx to join him and he accepts
Debut Shinx The Young Theif

Eevee → Espeon
Alex and Rotom went shopping and found a eevee being held hostage so they saved it and it offerd to join Alex
Debut Mobster Club
Snorunt → Glalie
Alex decided to leave Shrewy with some ice pokemon and now having the Icium Z without a ice type he gets confused for a second but then finds a snorunt and decides to catch it
Debut A Cold Ice Battle


Pikachu - Raichu
after found under a log alex saves it and after a bunch of pichu told him its fine, pikachu joined alex

pikachu battled a swampert to save his pichu friends and got a thunder stone and evolved to knock out the swampert,Alex decided to leave raichu with the pichu gang

Debut Forest Log of a Pikachu
marshadow saved alex from Shadow mewtwo and after that decided to stay with alex and gave him a marshadium Z
Debut The Final Showdown Marshadow VS Shadow Mewtwo
after leaving noivern with the professor alex found a alolan sandshrew and caught it and gave it a ice stone right after catching it
Debut Goodbye Life, Welcome Adventure


Season 1:

Z Crystal: Episode Recived
Normalium Z S1Ep06
Grassium Z S1Ep13
Flyium Z S1 Ep22

Season 2:

Z Crystal Episode Recived
Rockium Z S2Ep03
Dragonium Z S2Ep07
Firium Z S2Ep09
Waterium Z S2Ep10
Fightnium Z S2Ep12
Psychium Z S2Ep13
Darkium Z S2Ep14
Ghostium Z S2Ep15
Marshadium Z S2Ep19

Season 3:

Z Crystal Episode Recived
Electrium Z S3Ep3
Icium Z S3Ep8
Alex`s Pokémon
In Rotation:
724MS Decidueye 
745MS Lycanroc 
157MS Typhlosion 
503MS Samurott 
715MS Noivern 
405MS Luxray 
196MS Espeon 
362MS Glalie 
026MS Raichu 
802MS Marshadow 
028AMS Sandslash