Abandoned Lab 放棄された実験室
Abandoned Laboratory
Location: Route 19
Region: Último
Generations: VI
Location of Abandoned Lab in Último.
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The Abandoned Lab (Japenese: 放棄された実験室 Abandoned Laboratory) is a building on Route 19, that used to study Pokémon, before being mysteriously abandoned. Team Legends' Cleopatra is conducting an experiment to recreate Team Plasma's Genesect.


The Abandoned Lab is a big laboratory outside Iwate Town on Route 19. When the player tries to access the lab before defeating the grunts in their HQ the doors are locked. After a grunt talks about Cleopatra at the Abandoned Lab the doors are unlocked. The lab is only one floor wth many computers with Scientists. The scientists refuse, or rather don't battle the player. When the player is near Cleopatra she is annoyed with the player. After defeating the player she and the scientists flee the area. Later after the player has defeated the Elite Four, Cleopatra returns and has Genesect resurrected, but refuses to be with her, rather wanting to be with the player instead. Once Genesect is captured, fleed from, or defeated, Cleopatra is arrested by Looker.


Item Location Games
Bag TM Electric Sprite TM72 (Volt Switch) Near left-second row
Bag Burn Drive Sprite Burn Drive From Cleopatra upon being arrested
Bag Douse Drive Sprite Douse Drive From Cleopatra upon being arrested
Bag Chill Drive Sprite Chill Drive From Cleopatra upon being arrested
Bag Shock Drive Sprite Shock Drive From Cleopatra upon being arrested


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Morning Day Night
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GenesectMS Genesect
Bag Premier Ball Sprite Only One
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